Unlock your skills amidst the Covid-19 lockdown.
TwinTech Solutions presents…

Live Webinar on The Phishing Pandemic in association with

Event Date: April 24th, 2020
Event Time: 4PM IST

Duration: 1 Hour
Contact: enquiries@twintechsolution.com

We are in the midst of the WFH revolution. Coronavirus will permanently change how we work. Organizations will benefit tremendously from losing the limitations that come with traditional offices.
This will bring opportunities not just for IT workforce to work remotely, but also hackers a more easier way to scam the people.

TwinTech Solutions will be offering a free online webinar to create an awareness to people about such phishing techniques.
Considering many candidates cannot currently access traditional in-person seminar and meet-up, online webinar provides a great alternative option.

In this webinar you will learn,

  • Latest phishing techniques
  • Puny code phishing
  • IVR phishing

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Pradipto Chakrabarty
Regional Director,
CompTIA India.


  • Mr. Velayutham Selvaraj
    CTO & Founder,
    TwinTech Solutions
  • Mr. Chandresh Gupta
    Penetration Tester,
    TwinTech Solutions


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