Simulated Phishing Campaign

Why Phish Test During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

During this difficult times , we came across many organisation defending their networks and assets. No one wants to do phish test in this stressful scenario.We came across few posting and discussions in social media and LinkedIn regarding phish tests. Thoughts like this may be well intended but its wrong. This is why Cyber criminals are ramping up by 667% in march alone report suggested by barracuda networks . Its very disturbing.

It’s very important to protect the end-users from clicking on any links that will affect the productivity . Our primary importance is not to shame anyone instead to build up their security reflexes to remind us all the threats are out there.

We need to pull us all together to keep our organisations safe. Our phish test is to make the human assets to understand , determine, staying alert and overcome this global pandemic. we are all in this together. It is high time we need ramp up by educating the end users who are working from home.

Anything you see related to covid19 , such as configuring. Your system to work from home, charity , donation you can’t verify it. Be sceptical , don’t take chances.


Lifecycle of a security awareness program

phishing life cycle

How Can TwinTech Help You

  • Simulated Phishing tests help to increase the awareness among employees by 25%. Simulated phishing and phishing awareness training solutions offer a complete training to ensure the employees are resilient against these attacks.
  • We will help you doing the phish test for your organisation and help you out by doing the cyber security awareness campaign as well.
  • TwinTech Solutions provides this simulated safe phishing service to help your organization resist online scams.
  • We are committed to making our connected world a safer place and are offering our simulation services for free to ensure your organization is equipped to handle the latest cyber threats.
  • TwinTech Solutions lets you test and educate your employees on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks. Find out what could happen to your organization before the bad guys try.
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