How Secure Are you ?

Sign up for a free Pentesting and we will help you understand the gaps that exist in your infrastructure or application.

Apply Today For Free Pentesting

We can tell you how secure you are and how your vulnerabilities score in the face of threats that you face today.

We are offering,

  • A free network pen testing up to 100 IPs
  • A free pen test for one web application

What will you get?,

  • A prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on the criticality
  • Actionable insights on what to fix
  • Comprehensive Remediation Guide and Support
  • Leverage TTS expertise and understand your security potential.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Free Pentesting Service is available for the next three months, during which organizations & companies can apply for the service.
    • TTS reserves the right to select the companies/organizations for which they will provide this free service.
    • Applying for this service does not entail confirmation of the service.
    • Web Application Pentesting will be provided only for one URL.
    • Network Pentesting will be provided only for 100 IPs.
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