Windows Forensics

Analyzing The Worlds Best Known OS For Digital Artifacts And User Activities

While Linux is under the hood of many of our devices, Windows is the software most familiar to non-tech workers. However, since Windows has been around for more than 30 years, and has been the most common home computer operating system during that time, many otherwise non-tech users are familiar with its structure. That means that many understanding, both accurate and inaccurate, have evolved about the best ways to scrub and hide data on a Windows machine. Windows is an OS that uses many small 'kernel' files distributed throughout a computer and network. This makes windows a great hiding place for data. Our technicians know Windows inside and out and can extract or recover most all of the data and information you would need.

Expert Testimony And Other Windows Forensics Needs

Our professionals are qualified to provide a chain of custody documentation and expert witness testimony in civil and criminal hearings, depositions and trials. We have helped many clients avoid costly litigation, however, simply by tracking down and producing deleted or hidden information. Just some of the Windows forensics we can do are:
  • Evidence acquisition, examination & preservation of data on smartphones, PDAs, tablets, etc.
  • Recovery and Restoration of deleted files and partition
  • Discovery of hidden data
  • Demonstration of evidence manipulation
  • Extraction of encrypted information & decryption information
  • Restoration of accounting evidence
  • The list goes on…

    Call us today to discuss your specific case and how TwinTech can help with Windows and other computer forensics.

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