Mobile Forensics

When What's Hidden Matters

Mobile forensics is the process of recovering data from mobile devices under secure conditions. This presents a challenge compared to forensic analysis of a typical workstation computer. Phone and device technology advances at a faster pace than other digital technology, and each phone manufacturer and OS provider has different architecture. Getting at important data takes the knowledge base to understand the data flow and storage routines of these devices. Important recoverable data on a phone can include:
  • Call Histories, Times, And Durations
  • Text Messages
  • Photos & Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Contact Entries
  • App Download Histories And Uses
  • When You Need Mobile Forensics

    Individuals and organizations can find themselves in need of mobile forensic analysis for a number of reasons. Parents may suspect their child is having unwanted or inappropriate contact with someone. An individual may be experiencing cyber-stalking or harassment. Companies may want a forensic analysis of key employee phones to make sure of appropriate use. This can include examinations for unwanted contact with competitors, or misuse of a phone for non-work use, like looking at porn or watching movies on company time. Of course, if criminal activity is suspected, TwinTech will do a discreet analysis of devices involved and work with the client and authorities to make sure a fully secure process and chain of possession is followed.

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