Linux Forensics

Don't Let This Ubiquitous OS Keep You In The Dark

Here's something not a lot of people know. Linux is the most popular operating system on Earth. It's the backbone of the Android OS. Today's mainframe systems use Linux, along with game consoles, DVR devices and hundreds of millions of workstations and desktops around the world. Yet, Linux is a mystery to those who are not part of the elite group who knows this operating system inside and out. At TwinTech, we pride ourselves on our membership in the Kali Linux club. Criminals, disgruntled employees, or anyone else looking to do your organization harm shouldn't get a pass because they know something you don't. Arm yourself with our knowledge.

How Linux Forensics Can Prevent, Detect and Catch Unwanted Events?

Whether its internal or external data theft, malware manipulation or prevention of these and other possible mishaps, a forensic analysis of your Linux system can expose intrusion, theft and destruction, and catch the cyber-criminals. The truth is, your operating systems are the most vulnerable part of your digital infrastructure. Operating systems are responsible for much of the operations of your computers and devices. They are big complicated and few individuals can claim to understand all their vulnerabilities.

Be sure to contact us at TwinTech, whether you suspect an unwanted event has occurred or you want to begin a prevention process that will head one off.

We are ready to do a full recovery and analysis and make sure your system becomes as secure as possible.
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