Digital Forensics Investigation

What Is A Digital Forensics Investigation?

Investigating digital devices requires forensic analysis from top to bottom of an organization's digital infrastructure. This runs the gambit of mobile devices, network infrastructure, and workstations. We connect all the dots to get a clear picture of the events we are called in to investigate. From social media to under the hood of an operating system, you can be sure we have the experience to accurately reconstruct actions and events relevant to the conclusion of an investigation.

What's Involved In An Investigation?

First, we need to know what you need to know. Even a small organization can have massive amounts of data. Typically, we are looking at only a small part of your sea of data. Narrowing the scope in terms of time frame, people, and devices used in an event is the first step in an investigation. Then we look at all the technological footprints that get left behind. This can include looking at security data like video and key-card usage, following penetration and manipulation activity through a network architecture, uncovering deleted data on hard drives, and verifying the authenticity of email and social media posts. And that's just a small part of the list of forensic pathways we follow.

How Will A Digital Forensics Investigation Effect My Organization?

We can be a quiet as a mouse about what we do. It seldom benefits an organization to announce an investigation. We strive to maintain organization and individual privacy at all levels. You'll receive a confidential report detailing our investigative findings. With that, you'll have the benefit of having many, if not all, of your questions answered.

Contact us today if you have any reason to believe a digital forensics investigation is needed for you or your organization.

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