Digital Forensics Examination

What is A Digital Forensics Examination?

A forensic examination of digital devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc) describes an effort across the scope of a device to uncover and trace evidence of specific activities involving that particular device itself, or connecting activities between devices. We have the knowledge and experience to fully analyze devices with the goal of recreating the actions of users and the events those actions precipitated.

How Does An Examination Work?

An examination works by first collecting all available devices related to a particular event we want to study. Perhaps not all devices are available. However, we can many times 'fill in the gaps' using the limited devices provided. We then look at histories related to a device's activities. This can be something as simple as looking at a browser history or can be a more technologically intense study of a device's drive to filter and reconstruct deleted information. There are many 'rabbit holes' to go down. We then put this together in a study which, simply stated, answers the question, "What happened!".

How Will A Digital Forensics Examination Help Me?

Most commonly a digital forensics examination involves the reconstruction of a crime or perhaps a violation of a company's internal policies. But then there are other circumstances such as recovering lost files needed as part of a project, or hundreds of other reasons that are not as dramatic, but still important to our client's goals.

Contact us today if you have any reason to believe a digital forensics examination will help you resolve a problem or move you forward toward your goals.

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