Fireside chat about
Cyber Security

“Fireside chat about Cyber Security” in association with 

Event Date: June 11th, 2020
Event Time: 7 PM AEST

“The beginning is always NOW.”

Covid-19 has taught us HYGIENE is the most important factor to avoid risk of virus attack. Likewise, Cyber-HYGIENE is most important to avoid the risk of Cyber-Attacks. As digital has become part of our “Personal and Business life”, we are now more prone for being vulnerable as there is a rise in new technologies. In the new world of digital, the data are most precious asset. Are we keeping it safe?

Let’s strengthen our locks before someone finds the key.

Join us for a “Fireside chat about Cybersecurity” to explore the inevitable domain in future.

Key takeaways:

  • Cybersecurity & its Importance
  • Cybersecurity as a career
  • Opportunities in Australia
  • Cybersecurity in next 5 years
  • Cybersecurity Career path


Mr. Velayutham Selvaraj
CTO & Founder, TwinTech Solutions Chennai.

– A decade of experience in Cybersecurity domain. Delivered tons of sessions on Information security and an active contributor to international blogs.

Mrs. Deepika
Director of Operations, TwinTech Solutions – Australia.

– Experienced in developing start-up organization, people management and impeccable customer service.

Mr. Chandresh Gupta
Senior Penetration Tester, TwinTech Solutions – Chennai.

– 5 + years of experience in Networking and Penetration Testing

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Duration : 40 mins
Contact: [email protected]

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