Web Application Penetration Testing

What's The Focus Of Web Penetration Testing

Web applications and servers present their own unique challenges compared to network or mobile testing. A web app has to first and foremost serve its users. Whether its a function of moving the customer down a sales funnel or the application of something like a game, the speed, ease of use and consistent function of the app and server are the most important elements. Security protocols must interfere with the function of the web application and server to the lowest extent possible. Our web penetration testing looks not just at vulnerabilities, but at the overall function of security in a web server. In other words, we ask not only, "Is it secure?" but also, "could the security work better?"

What Can I Expect From Web Penetration Testing

You can expect to know that your app is secure and that your server is running at maximum optimization in relation to security features and protocols. Our techs are well-versed in utilizing the best real-time testing tools, doing manual evaluations, looking under the hood, getting results and making things better. The web application penetration testing key outcome is to identify security weakness across the entire web application and its components (source code, database, back-end network). We prioritize the identified vulnerabilities and threats, and mitigate them.

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