Secure Code Review Services

The Importance Of Evaluating Secure Code

A secure code review is where we look at the source code of an application ourselves, in order to evaluate the robustness of its security. Your company's workers need to be able to serve your clients and customers first. It's our job to make sure the software they use is as secure as possible. Many of today's older companies still use some legacy custom code in their applications. Often, security problems manifest from a combination of factors. The problem may not be in the legacy code itself but in how that code interacts with other code. While vendor software does a pretty good job of keeping track of cross-application vulnerabilities within the commercial software, there's really no way but 'digging under the hood' to determine the susceptibility of legacy code across platforms and uses. Then there is the in-house development of code, which can be fraught with risks. What TwinTech can do is add an extra set of eyes and examine where potential problems may occur.

What We Focus On In A Secure Code Review

We look at the points at which code is most vulnerable. This includes areas related to:
  • Encryption
  • Log Creation and Maintenance
  • Error Handling
  • Validation
  • Session Management
  • Authenticating Users
  • Account Authorizations.
  • Those are the areas hackers look to exploit, so those are the places where we put our eyeballs and know-how in order to keep your code clear of security holes.

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