Red Team Assessments

A perfect way to explain it shall be saying that Red Team Assessment is exactly what the movie Escape Plan was all about.

A man is assigned with a task to break free from an impenetrable prison to showcase its security flaws as an assessment project. The man goes inside the prison & breaks through to the outside world. In case of Red Teams, the task is to get inside your network by attempting access to every entry point possible, in an effort to find a vulnerability, thus highlighting & resolving the same. The task seems fun but can pose a serious threat if not dealt with in time.

If it still seems unclear, it is where we play the role of the malicious Hacker (obviously with your due permissions) & try to gain an unauthorised access to the organisation’s cyber network. Thus, also giving us a real-time scenario to test our imposed security measures & defence mechanisms, using the same skill as a Top Hacker.

What is the benefit in this Game?

A Red Team engagement is a dry run for the future. The attacks can happen any time, & specially when we least expect it to. As a client, you can be relaxed only when you know there are people to fight from your side & save you from an on-coming danger.

Once we discover & exploit the vulnerability, we compile it in a detailed all-round report stand ready for helping you upgrade your security.

CONTACT US TODAY to set up a meeting where we‘ll demonstrate all the co-ordinated efforts we make to take over your network. It shall be an amusing & an eye-opening experience.

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