Network Penetration Testing

The Importance Of Penetrating Network Vulnerabilities

Server-side applications and API's are favorite entry points for hackers. Even with firewalls, intrusion detection and regular patches, holes may still exist in third-party applications. Your network is at the mercy of your third-party vendors. They are the one who must keep up with informing their customer base of security problems and providing updates and patches when appropriate. Unfortunately, not every vendor is adroit at providing effective security support. You need someone who knows how to get a complete picture of your network and its present security. By performing Network Penetration Testing, TwinTech will come in just like a hacker and test for vulnerabilities within both your network software and third-party software that may be left vulnerable.

What Are The Benefits Of Network Penetration Testing?

After we make an assessment by attempting various penetration methods on your network, we will create a risk assessment report and an action plan. Then we will work with your in-house IT staff to implement the action plan and help keep your network people up to date on the latest security threats.

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