Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Making Sure Your Mobile App Makes The Grade

Today it's a grueling process to get your app to market. If you want your app in one of the major stores there are many design, function and security hurdles that your app must overcome. Our specialty is making sure your new app gets through the security certification necessary for Apple and Play stores to accept and make it available to their billions of customers. At TwinTech we specialize in helping you get over those security hurdles. We implement a process of both manual and dynamic analysis to poke and prod for vulnerabilities. Our security validation process includes:
  • User Authentication
  • Session Management
  • Access Controls
  • Malicious Handling
  • Encryption
  • What's The Objective Of A Mobile App Assessment

    We confirm that your app, along with its backend and data flows are secure and compliant. TwinTech's app security experts know current compliance procedures and well as how to look around the corner and see security risks and issues that are coming down the road. Our goal is to make sure your app is secure through it's user to back-end data flow and to make sure future headaches are minimized to the furthest extent possible.

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