IoT Assessments

Every upcoming IoT product launched, unwillingly provides a new hole to the malicious entry to the Internet of Things. This poses a danger to the organization’s intellectual property & makes employees vulnerable to potential manipulation from the competitors or those looking to steal from your company.

Some plausible case scenarios describing vulnerabilities include:

  • Access to audio & video via cameras in Office or even Vehicles.
  • Susceptible to use of personal sensitive information via Smart Devices connections.
  • Exposing the internal network flaws with access to the network through an unprotected IoT Device.

If this sounds scary, that’s because IT IS.

With a number of smart devices in your network & untied security flaws that they carry, it becomes a double-sided sword that can damage the bearer. That becomes the primary motive to have an Expert Analysis of your IoT Security.

Risk Assessment. How we Do it.

We treat every organization as a unique case scenario & hence do not stick to a rigid protocol. A device-specific approach is considered in every scenario & recommendations are made based on both, Industry best practices, as well as Case-specific flaw resolution. For tech that is unignorably important, we make a continuous close monitoring approach.

GET IN TOUCH TODAY to know if your favorite IoT device is vulnerable. And secure it to enjoy the indispensable services before it starts serving the wrong master.

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