AWS Pentetration Testing

Keeping Your AWS Cloud Safe

Amazon is called Amazon for a reason. It’s massive and dense just like the forest. Even within Amazon’s brands, things can get pretty dense. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. This is where anything from an e-commerce database to internal company files can be stored, organized and accessed.
The AWS Console alone offers almost 100 different services. While Amazon does a good job of providing basic security, in order to make their system as customizable as possible, they have to leave some of the main security decisions in the hands of the users. Companies can unwittingly
open themselves up to vulnerabilities.
AWS isn’t like other cloud services. Support for AWS needs technicians versed in AWS security best practices. TwinTech knows how to make AWS safe so your company can benefit from one of the fastest and most versatile cloud services.

Approaches to AWS Cloud Pentesting

We can pentest any part of your user-operated AWS systems. For cases where third-party vendors are using AWS provided services, security is generally up to them. We can make assessments and report on possible vulnerabilities. We will also work within your organization to secure AWS at all levels to the extent possible, including bringing vulnerabilities to the attention of third party providers…
But most AWS operations are done in-house. S3, for example, is the most common user operated AWS service. It’s easy to learn and use, even by someone who is not a full-time tech. Amazon keeps this platform pretty open, and users are responsible for understanding their security needs. This
makes S3 ripe for bad actors to exploit mistakes that leave vulnerabilities because of common misunderstandings about settings and permissions.

Get in touch today if you use S3 or any other AWS service for an assessment of your AWS cloud security settings, protocols, and operations.

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